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Cleaning and Sealants

We offer dental cleaning services for people of all ages in the Tallahassee, FL area. In addition to your dental cleaning, we offer sealants to protect your clean teeth. Sealants are coatings of thin plastic that form a protective seal against cavities and tooth decay on the back of the teeth.

Benefits of Dental Cleanings:

  • Maintain good physical health
  • Prevent oral cancer
  • Prevent gum disease
  • Keep your teeth
  • Detect dental problems early
  • To have a brighter & whiter smile
  • To prevent bad breath

How Dental Sealants Work:

A sealant creates a smoother tooth surface that is easier to clean and therefore more resistant to the formation of tooth decay. While sealants are usually placed on children’s teeth, any person with an at-risk tooth can and should receive them. Sealants are typically a very cost-effective preventive measure for tooth decay.

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