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Most people want a beautiful smile. After all, a stellar smile goes hand in hand with confidence, and having one can be life-changing. If you are unhappy with the cosmetic appearance of your teeth, the good news is that there are more dental options than ever before that provide fast, dramatic results. One of the most popular and successful options in achieving those results with our patients at Bastien Dental Care in Tallahassee are Lumineers.

What Are Lumineers?

Lumineers are a type of super-thin veneer that adheres to the surface of the tooth to become the new surface. They are very similar to other types of veneers in that they work in much the same way to solve some of the same cosmetic problems, such as cracked, chipped, or discolored teeth. They are also a solution for teeth that are worn, have spaces, or are small or crooked.

How Are Lumineers Different from Other Veneers?

Lumineers are one type of minimal to no preparation dental veneer. While they solve the same problems, the main difference is in what is required to put them in. Since Lumineers are thinner, they require that Dr. Bastien removes much less, if any of the tooth enamel before placement. This makes the process one of the least invasive of cosmetic dentistry solutions. Dr. Bastien applies the thin shells seamlessly, and there’s no need for shots, as the procedure is painless. The process is also takes considerably less time than traditional veneers.

Because of the convenience and non-invasiveness of Lumineers, this type of dental veneer is very popular with our patients at Bastien Dental Care in Tallahassee.

Not Just a Pretty Smile

A pretty smile does not mean much if the cosmetic solution is not durable and lasting. Lumineers provide exceptional durability, resist wear, and can last 20 years. They also resist staining and keep their natural color and sheen indefinitely with the right care.

During you visit to add Lumineers, the doctor and staff at Bastien Dental Care will give you a complete and thorough overview of how to care for your Lumineers, to ensure they last.

Fewer Food Restrictions

Lumineers are crafted from Cerinate porcelain, which is known for its exceptional strength and resistance to staining. With Lumineers, patients are free to eat and drink just about anything they would normally, including coffee and tea.

Are Lumineers for Everyone?

Just like with other veneers, Lumineers are not for everyone. Dr. Bastien has to evaluate your current oral and dental health to see if they would be a right fit in your case. Just like in other veneers, they may not be a good fit in some situations which include:

  • Severely misaligned or crooked teeth
  • Where there is decay or gum disease
  • In those who grind or clench their teeth habitually

Even  if you were not lucky enough to have a naturally perfect smile, there is no reason why you have to settle for anything less than the smile of your dreams. Lumineers are a safe and pain-free solution for many cosmetic dental issues, and can be done in a fraction of the time as other dental procedures achieving the same results.

Contact us today at Bastien Dental Care to learn more about how to beautify your smile with Lumineers. Feel free to check out our website and read more about our other cosmetic and general dentistry services. Call 850-425-1300 now or click here to set up your appointment directly from our website.

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